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Liesbeth Gouwens

Trusted Advisor, Entrepreneur and Coach

What I do

I specialize in general management, business strategy, budgets, funding & financing, individual coaching and stakeholder management.

How I help customers

I grasp the complex and come up with strategies how to proceed. I create clarity and flow.

I approach business building by starting with key insights and the competitive edge. Make use of (market/sales/product) data, feedback loops to validate and innovate and budget based on building blocks. And make sure it’s a great and safe place to work and thrive.

Number of sample deliverables

- Business Plan; Idea; Story line; Key Insights & Business Model
- Information Memorandum/ Equity & debt Term Sheets & Documentation/ Shareholder Agreements/ Stakeholder management & governance
- Team composition, coaching of management, and or team.
- Budgets, building blocks, structures, Reporting cycles, cash flow forecasts
- New Business development, New product development; How to structure/ process/ data/ insights/ feedback loops.

Example customers

Willem&Drees, BitesWeLove, Impact Hub


About me

Passionate about building companies and making a difference.

With a background in business administration and 19 years of experience in the maritime industry as a finance professional (banker, interim management, M&A advisory, structuring debt & equity) at a bank and as a partner of a corporate finance boutique, I made a conscious decision to transition into the world of impact startups and scale-ups in the food sector.

My love for food and cooking, coupled with a desire to make a positive impact, drove me to join BitesWeLove, where I've spent the past few years helping a small company grow into a thriving and sustainable business. I continue to relish this journey and am eager to take on new challenges with multiple companies.

In recent years, I've delved into the realms of personal development and collaboration, recognizing their immense importance in business success. I'm excited to integrate these newfound passions and knowledge into my work.

My strength lies in quickly grasping complex situations, facilitating open discussions, creating structure, considering diverse perspectives, establishing a clear vision, and developing actionable plans. I excel at connecting stakeholders, financial data, processes, and behaviors. I derive immense satisfaction from collaborating, designing effective processes, and providing ongoing support to individuals and teams as they embark on new endeavors.

I'm eager to receive calls to collaborate on growth or transformation projects within companies. My enthusiasm is particularly heightened when the focus is on food, the food chain, impact creation, scale-ups, and opportunities to learn from others in the field of team development.

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