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Jacco de Haan

Product designer and packaging specialist

What I do

I support purpose driven companies by creating, designing and engineering desirable new products that make positive impact

How I help customers

Companies that want to develop or innovate towards new sustainable products I help with circular design- development- and engineering expertise

Number of sample deliverables

- Design strategy
- Design vision
- Quantified sustainable design
- Engineered products
- Mock-ups and prototypes
- Technical drawings and product specification

Example customers

Seepje, Vogel’s, Make ‘m Grow, De Mar, Packadore, Unilever


About me

Making ideas come to life is what I do. From small ideas to grand designs, I like to translate a vision or design intent into feasible and viable products. Taking the impact on our environment into account comes naturally in the chosen solutions and materials.

I have been making and improving things for as long as I can remember. From building tree houses in the garden, constructing all sorts of things with my LEGO’s to fixing my own broken toys as a kid growing up. Over the last 15 years creating and fixing things has been my work and hobby. I started my career at a renowned design agency in the Netherlands. Since 2018 I am an independent designer and joined Generous Minds to maximize the impact of my creativity and efforts.

GM project:
Redesigning the packaging for the new Vogel’s consumer products to eliminate all plastics, to optimize logistics and to minimize the transport of air over long distances. We achieved this with a concept of a packaging system based on molded fiber as padding for the products which are packed in cardboard boxes.

Independent project:
For Scoozy, a unique personal mobility vehicle, I have translated design intent into a producible set of 3D files and drawings of all exterior parts. Making sure that the character and style of the design sketches is present in the final product while incorporating the limited possibilities of the chosen production method.

Bureau project:
Mail sorting aid for PostNL, one of my favorite projects while working at the agency. After condensing over 100 functional demands, many prototypes and lots of hands-on mail sorting a clever little trolley was born. It has more functionality than meets the eye. It helps PostNL to handle large amounts of mail with less physical impact on the operators in a shorter time.

When I am not working, I enjoy being together with my family. Tinkering on and drive with my classic car and oh I still really enjoy playing with LEGO’s

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