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Erik de Winter

Commercial / funding advisor

What I do

I advise founding -and commercial Teams on ways to help raise their own “glass ceilings” and thus reach their organizations true potential in terms of impact, growth and meaning

How I help customers

A lot of founders and teams start pointing fingers at each other once the going gets tough and growth comes to a halt. They are not able to see what’s on the other side of the mountain and only seeing the struggle to climb up there. That can really be the moment that you find and execute breakthroughs, but you need to right people around you to help you see that. I support these companies with a mindset switch and a pragmatic commercial approach that allows them to make the right choices again

Number of sample deliverables

- Redesigned commercial engine
- Improved commercial leadership
- Investor readiness
- Funding

Example customers

Ex-Ceo / Co-founder Cargoroo
Head of Business Urbee


About me

Erik is a passionate business leader with a spirit to serve and a strong commercial drive. He seeks to make a lasting and positive impact through strategic growth of businesses and organisations. He fosters a vast experience of identifying, analysing, building and conquering markets across multiple industries and sectors in this world. He enjoys being at the forefront of disruptive visions and presenting the future to others, while empowering Teams to execute on strategies enabling growth. He thrives on having fun while doing so and making a positive impact to be a happy citizen of our planet now and for generations to come!

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