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Marcel den Hollander

Industrial designer

What I do

I train, advise and coach companies to start making the required transition to a more circular way of operating their business. Professor Circular Design & Manufacturing and author of the book "Products that last"

How I help customers

Companies that need help analyzing their existing products/services and help them develop towards circular solutions for the product/service they manufacture, I support with research, a plan for optimization, and support during optimization with workshops and as a sparring partner

Number of sample deliverables

- Solid understanding of the circular economy concept and complexity
- Concrete tools to become more circular
- Insights into which company processes have the biggest eco-impact or destruct the most value

Example customers

Delft University, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Hogeschool Rotterdam


About me

As the world’s first industrial designer with a PhD in Circular Product Design (Delft University of Technology, 2018), I work as a researcher and design consultant to industry in circular product design and business models for the circular economy.
I’m also a licensed trainer for the Innomat LCA and EVC course, a European program for teaching fast-track Life Cycle Assessment and Eco-Cost Value Ratio based design interventions (

My academic work is anchored in thirty years of hands-on experience in commercial industrial design for (inter)nationally renowned design studios and clients, designing fast moving consumer goods, such as (food)packaging, durable consumer goods, such as electronics, (office)furniture, and professional products, such as retail in- and exteriors, museum showcases, means of transport, industrial equipment and logistic systems.

I am co-author of the book "Products That Last – Product design for circular business models", that is currently being used in Circular Product Design courses around the world (e.g., Delft University of Technology, MIT Design India, University of Austin, Texas, Raffles Design School, Singapore) and that is at the heart of the Dutch government’s CIRCO program for promoting Circular Product Design to companies in the Netherlands.

To disseminate the results of my research and teach my circular design methodology, I do company workshops, guest lectures at design and business schools and publish and present my research in scientific journals and at international conferences.

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