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Heleen Ririassa

Strategic MarComs-PR Interim Manager

What I do

I manage and lead MarComs-PR teams within organizations going through change and transition as an interim MarCom manager

How I help customers

When a company goes through M&A and/or reorganization I support teams as a interim MarCom, crisis and change manager to make sure teams work towards company goals again in a customer-centric, efficient and energized way

Number of sample deliverables

- MarCom expertise to bring communication to the next professional level
- Crisis/change period managed towards stability again
- Energized employees
- Customer centric way of working

Example customers

Sony Broadcast Europe, Hewlett-Packard PMG, Nederland Kennisland, New York Production Alliance, IBM, WWF, Unilever, MySpace Benelux, Theater Orpheus, Port of Amsterdam, Gemeente Haarlem, GEN Group/energy 21, Zeekracht, KPMG, USEF, European Union (EU) EIT Climate-KIC, Qpido, Spinciti, Beeld en Geluid Den Haag


About me

My mission is to create meaningful big impacts on society based on everything I have to offer: energy, wisdom, drive, expertise, knowledge, intelligence, skills, network, sense of humor. I'm constantly exploring ways to do this. For me this is as much about the journey as the destination.
The cooperation is owned by a group of like-minded people with very different personal and professional backgrounds. I like that! By joining Generous Minds I want to accelerate meeting my personal mission.
About myself … well, there is family: lot’s of it☺. And yes, there are hobbies: I walk and hike, run and dance, cook and host and enjoy all the culture and arts that I can visit. Oh, and I’m writing short stories … to be published one day. Stay tuned!

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