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Made Blue: What can you do to #makeitblue ?

Made Blue multiplies the water served by restaurants, hotels and offices with clean drinking water in developing countries: 1000 litres for every litre.

MadeBlue offers the water coolers and bottles be able to cool and carbonize tap water. By partnering with Made Blue partners are able to serve water in a sustainable way, whilst contributing positively to the availability of drinking water elsewhere in the world.

Their product include: 1. From tap water to cooled flat and sparkling spring water in the hospitality industry

2. Water coolers for the office

3. Compensate water footprint for companies - One liter for a liter

Generous Minds experts and network support

In line with our philosophy we introduce our Generous Minds experts and network were relevant, joined forces to increase the chances of success and impact.

Find out more about this exciting project on Made Blue and how you can #makeitblue

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