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Sustainability + Desirability

Bijgewerkt op: 5 feb. 2021

Generous Minds is a proud member of Packadore. Packadore is a collective of various companies in the value chain of packaging; from research and design to production.


We believe that by designing more enticing packaging solutions, adding value to brands and therefore increasing performance, together we can create new commercial opportunities for investments in sustainability.


We utilise unique tools and employ innovative thinking to help brands identify key occasions to enhance the consumer packaging experience and navigate the circular economy maze. To ensure our design solutions are both practical and achievable, we join forces with our network of passionate industry experts. We work together as an agile team, united by a common objective – to help brands reduce their global footprint.


We work collaboratively to design and implement both desirable and sustainable packaging solutions to help brands create real impact, now and for the future.

Our contribution to the collective lies in our expertise in Life Cycle Assessments, packaging innovation and structural packaging design. With our experience in the development of sustainable/circular packaging and the creation of highly successful structural packaging designs we will take on the challenge to innovate and improve packaging on two different levels: sustainability and desirability or in one word: temptainability!

One of the innovations we are currently working on with our partner Haval is covered by Dexigner the international on-line design platform. We will make sure to keep you posted the next months on the development of our various innovations.

The Generous Minds and Friends contributing to Packadore are Ronald Lewerissa, Marcel den Hollander and Jacco de Haan

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